SmartLipo Triplex™ by: Cynosure

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Body Contouring in Tampa & Brandon
SmartLipo in Tampa and BrandonDr. Wayne Lee’s plastic surgery practice offers SmartLipo™ which is the industry‚Äôs leading laser-assisted lipolysis system for skin tightening and removing unwanted fat pockets. SmartLipo Triplex™ consists of 3 modalities:

SmartLipo, Cellulaze, & Precision Neck Lift.

SmartLipo Triplex™ is one of the most commonly searched words in plastic surgery for liposuction. SmartLipo Triplex™ is laser-assisted lipolysis that gets rid of unwanted fat pockets and tightens skin, more so than traditional liposuction. We have the new technology in our office.

This procedure is designed to disrupt fat cells and coagulate tissue, resulting in tissue retraction. It is ideal for treating localized fat deposits on the face and body.

SmartLipo Brandon Dr. Wayne Lee

Cellulaze™ is the first FDA-approved medical device for a one-time treatment for cellulite with long term results. We can perform this procedure in our in-office surgical suite.

The Precision Laser Necklift is done in our Brandon office under oral sedation and local anesthetic. It is indicated for patients who need a neck lift but not quite a full facelift. The Precision laser Necklift will tighten the neck and jowl line with only 2 small incisions.

SmartLipo Triplex™ Advantages

  • Minimally-invasive procedure
  • Promotes tissue retraction through soft tissue coagulation
  • Less trauma and faster healing times compared to traditional liposuction
  • Treats highly fibrotic areas easily
  • Consistent and reproducible patient outcomes
Minimally-invasive procedure promotes tissue retraction through soft tissue coagulation less trauma and faster healing times compared to traditional liposuction treats highly fibrotic areas easily consistent and reproducible patient outcomes.

SmartLipo Triplex™ differs from traditional liposuction in that heat energy from the laser promotes tissue tightening in the treated areas. Liquified fat is then drained from the body through very tiny incisions with liposuction.

Smart Lipo Before & After

Who Is a Good Candidate?:

Typically, those who are generally on par with traditional liposuction are candidates. Specifically, these candidates should be no more than 30 pounds over their ideal weight, and should be in generally good health. The ideal candidate also has maintained a stable weight for more than a year and has good skin elasticity in the areas being treated.