Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures

Mastopexy - Breast Lift Surgery in Tampa

Many women in the Tampa Bay area may experience the natural changes in breast shape over time. Causes for these changes can be gravity, hormonal changes, pregnancy, breast feeding, changes in breast size, significant weight loss or gain, all contribute changing breast shape. Additionally, some women are bothered by sagging or “drooping” breasts, larger than normal areola, or a lower nipple position as they mature.

The goal of most Mastopexy - Breast Lift procedures is to move the nipple position up to the center of the breast and to adjust the shape of the breast to move it to a more youthful position. Many times natural asymmetry exists where one breast has a different shape, size, or nipple position.

The secondary goal of breast lifting is to improve the natural asymmetries and to make the breasts look more alike knowing that perfect symmetry is probably not achievable.

Women seeking mastopexy or breast lifting alone are usually women who are happy with the size of their breasts in a bra or would like to be SLIGHTLY bigger or smaller. They are more unhappy with the appearance of their breasts than they are with the size of their breasts.

Dr Wayne Lee has extensive knowledge in Breast Lift surgery as well as the Reconstruction of Breasts as a result of post-cancer surgery.

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