Facial Procedures

Facelift & Necklift Services in Tampa

Double Board Certified Dr. Wayne Lee in Tampa understands that our face is effected by changes in our skin, facial shape and the volume and fullness that was higher in the cheek region during younger years slowly descends over time. In addition, deepening fold lines around the mouth and nose also are a driect result of aging. These changes lead to loss of jaw line definition creating a more oval-shaped face. Often excess skin and muscle in the neck region accentuates facial aging by creating banding or cords within the neck. Sun exposure, bone structure, amount of fatty tissue and genetics contribute to the extent of facial aging that each person experiences.

The most effective and long-lasting treatment for these common signs of facial aging is the facelift. The facelift attempts to correct the signs by addressing all areas of the face and the neck simultaneously. The modern facelift can achieve this effect by re-suspending the connective tissue layer of the face, yielding a more long-lasting and natural facial rejuvenation.Dr. Lee's goal is to always tailor each facelift operation to the specific needs of each patient.

Neck Lift Services in Tampa

Some individuals may be troubled by signs of aging in the neck region. Loose skin may hang down and form vertical bands known as the "turkey-waddle". Alternatively, adipose or fat tissue may accumulate under the chin and jaw producing the "double-chin" appearance.

A Neck Lift is an appropriate procedure for people with sagging and loose neck skin. Dr. Wayne Lee will remove excess fat, tighten muscles and skin in order for you to attain a more youthful appearance. The neck lift address only excess skin and “bands” within the neck. This procedure is typically preformed in people over 40, although some may benefit from it at an earlier age.