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Nose Job - Rhinoplasty Services in Tampa
Dr. Wayne Lee has detailed knowledge of nasal anatomy and a careful assessment of the individual patient's complaint is essential for a successful outcome.

The nose is one of the dominant features of any face. Both inherited and acquired deformities of the nose may be a major concern of certain individuals. Small alterations of the underlying support structures of the nose often yield profound alterations in the appearance of the nose after rhinoplasty. In certain individuals, special attention may be required along the top of the nose (nasal dorsum), or at the nasal tip.

In general, Nasal Reconstruction can be performed through limited incisions in the nostril region or inside the nostrils. Through these incisions, changes can be made to reshape underlying cartilage creating more nasal refinement, reduce humps, create greater symmetry and modify the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Rhinoplasty surgery can remove a hump, correct drooping, narrow flaring nostrils, or straighten a nose. These esthetic changes may also be help with the improvement in breathing. Your nose is a very personal part of your face. Its shape must not only be acceptable to you but must also function well. Airway problems can be due to a deviated septum. This deviation is usually from trauma but it can be congenital. The term Septoplasty applies only to the surgery to correct a deviation however this will not change the shape of the nose.

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