The facial fat transfer is a technique that is used for aesthetic and reconstructive procedures alike. Facial fat transfers are quite popular for improving the overall balance of your face and producing completely natural-looking results.

Facial fat transfers go by many names, including lipo-filling, facial contouring, and autologous fat grafting. If you have heard about this procedure, you may be interested in learning more about the type of results it can achieve.

What Kinds of Results Can I Expect from Facial Fat Transfers?

With a fat transfer, Dr. Lee can:
• Improve volume in sunken areas of your face
• Make your cheekbones fuller and more prominent
• Improve your overall facial appearance
• Contour your face to accentuate your strengths and improve your weaknesses
• Tackle aging signs like lines and wrinkles

Crevices and gaps are a cinch to fill in with this treatment. Facial asymmetries can be corrected, and areas where old age has created bony protrusions can be surrounded by new volume to make them less harsh.

Which Areas of the Face Can Be Treated with Facial Fat Grafting?

Areas of the face that can benefit include:
• The Mid-Face: As people age, the volume in the midface slowly disappears. The cheeks become gaunt and harsh, and the lips begin to droop at the corners. This procedure can lift sagging areas of the mid-face like the cheeks and lips.

• The Jawline: When jawline volume declines, it can lead to the formation of sagging jowls. Fat grafting can add fullness to hollow regions on the jawline and can contour it to make it look more sculpted.

• The Temples: The temples develop hollowness over time, creating an older appearance. A facial fat transfer can eliminate the depressions in these areas that form naturally with age.

How Does My Fat Fit into the Equation?

A facial fat transfer removes fat from trouble areas of the body and transfers it into the face. Facial fat transfers are one of the best tools to contour your face while also losing fat from stubborn areas. Excess fat can be taken from regions like the abdomen, buttocks, back, and thighs.

The fat is purified before it is reintroduced to your body, meaning all unnecessary materials are removed, including dead and damaged fat cells. Dead and damaged fat cells have trouble surviving in new locations, whereas healthy fat cells are much more likely to connect to the blood supply. This allows them to thrive in the treatment area, resulting in longer-lasting benefits.

Because the body’s own fat is used instead of a foreign material, there is almost zero risk of infection or rejection with facial fat grafting.

During the grafting of the healthy fat cells, a number of precise injections are made into the face’s hollow regions and wrinkles. This process can take some time, but it is worth it to ensure that the cells are placed in the correct regions. Not only does this ensure quality results, it also helps the fat cells connect to the blood supply.

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